Another medical-themed illustration, this time for CognitionKit, a new joint venture between Cambridge Cognition and Ctrl Group.

The weird symbols on the left were inspired by the cues used in standard memory tests, but I like that they look like some kind of alien pictographic language.

ConitionKit memory LR



Goodbye Oliver Sacks

I had been in New York only for a few days when Scriberia wrote me from London to ask me if I wanted to do a scribituary about Oliver Sacks.  I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate commission than celebrating the great master of scientific writing, who was born in London 82 years ago but lived in New York for most of his life, so I eagerly accepted.

Here is the final result, which of course you can also find on the Scriberia journal, together with many other illustrated obituaries. It was hard to choose the most relevant facts in his incredible life but one thing was sure: the colour had to be some shade of indigo (listen to this Radiolab episode if you want to find out why, and learn more about Dr.Sacks).

oliver sacks scribituary farinella scriberia