Shadow Biosphere

Hey, did you know that you can now preorder the new issue of LÖK ZINE which is all about cryptozoology? Personally, I contributed with a double illustration about the shadow biosphere (also called ‘weird life’) a controversial theory which argues that since we always look for ‘familiar’ life (composed of the usual stuff: proteins, RNA, DNA) we may have completely missed some non carbon-based microorganisms which could have evolved here on Earth! However unlikely I think it’s a fascinating idea, especially as we start looking for extraterrestrial life which may not look at all as we may expect…

shadow biosphere farinella gif

NOTE: the first half of the illustration was inspired by the petroglyphs carved in the so-called ‘desert varnish‘ which has been suggested as a trace of weird life. The second half of course was completely made up (although some sculptures that I have seen at the latest MoMA Picasso exhibition definitely provided some inspiration). Also, I strongly recommend this Mosaic article if you are interested in the ultimate question of “what is life?” (something that has always fascinated me as a biologist).

Human Brain Project

For a long time I meant to write something about the troubled history of the Human Brain Project, the EU flagship project which promises to create a computer simulation of the human brain by 2023. I am interested in this project partly because computational neuroscience was the subject of my PhD and partly because I think it raises many important questions regarding scientific funding.

When last year Graphic-News asked me to draw an article for them I immediately suggested this topic and here is my first piece of graphic journalism! Now finally available also in English:

Human Brain Project Farinella

(Full disclosure: I am one of the scientists who signed the open letter to ask for revisions of the HBP project).

Sotto il sole giaguaro

Hi all, I hope your 2016 is going well. Mine started under the sun of Mexico, where I’m spending a whole month relaxing, reading and working on my next book about the science of sensory perception. Amongst the things I am reading there is a collection of short stories by Italo Calvino Sotto Il Sole Giaguaro. A friend first recommended it to me because the titular story is settled in Mexico but I then discovered that also the Calvino stories were meant to be part of a book on the 5 senses (unfortunately he died before writing the stories on touch and vision). Galvanised by this coincidence I decided to start the year with a little illustration based on the story about taste. It is about a troubled couple which, while travelling in Mexico, develops a strange obsession about food and its role in ancient Aztec rituals…

Sotto Il Sole Giaguaro Farinella after Calvino

Here is a little excerpt from the original story (sorry English-speaking folks, you can look up the translation if you want: Under the Jaguar Sun):

“Non Mangi?” mi chiese Olivia che sembrava concentrata solo nel gustare il suo piatto ed era invece come al soito atttentissima, mentre io ero rimasto assorto guardandola. Era la sensazione dei suoi denti nella mia carne che stavo immaginando, e sentivo la sua lingua sollevarmi contro la volta del palato, avvolgermi di saliva, poi spingermi sotto la punta dei canini. Ero seduto li davanti a lei ma allo stesso tempo mi pareva che una parte di me, o tutto me stesso, fossi contenuto nella sua bocca, stritolato, dilaniato fibra a fibra. Situazione non completamente passiva in quanto mentre venivo masticato da lei sentivo anche che agivo su di lei, le trasmettevo sensazioni che si propagavano dalle papille della bocca per tutto il corpo, che ogni sua vibrazione ero io a provocarla: era un rapporto reciproco e completo che ci coinvolgeva e travolgeva.



The New Year

Quick commercial announcement: I made these fireworks postcards to celebrate the new year. You can buy them in two color variants professionally printed from Thortful, or get the exclusive screen-printed and hand-cut edition from my online shop. They make a nice present for all your nerdy friends and they’re also a simple way to support your dear artist while he’s working on a new book :)

Fireworks Postcard Farinella

Fireworks postcard Farinella

PS: I’m going to be drawing in Mexico for a while (because why not?) and I hope to post something from there, but if not I wish you all a happy new year and some non-religious humanist holidays.

Mad Scientists

I’m working on so many projects at the moment that I really shouldn’t have done this, but in the end I couldn’t resist the temptation of doing a little Halloween drawing (especially with all the beautiful ‘haunted’ houses I’m seeing around Brooklyn these days). So here you go, I have decided to pay tribute to some of my favourite mad scientists in comics, films and video games – how many can you recognize?

mad scientists Farinella Halloween 2015

NOTE: while working on this I quickly realised that even in fiction scientists seem to be all middle-aged white males, so depressing… we really need more mad women in here! Luckily io9 already did some excellent research on the topic but I still think it’s fertile territory for cartoonists. Maybe it’s time to go back to my Rosetta character…

Goodbye Oliver Sacks

I had been in New York only for a few days when Scriberia wrote me from London to ask me if I wanted to do a scribituary about Oliver Sacks.  I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate commission than celebrating the great master of scientific writing, who was born in London 82 years ago but lived in New York for most of his life, so I eagerly accepted.

Here is the final result, which of course you can also find on the Scriberia journal, together with many other illustrated obituaries. It was hard to choose the most relevant facts in his incredible life but one thing was sure: the colour had to be some shade of indigo (listen to this Radiolab episode if you want to find out why, and learn more about Dr.Sacks).

oliver sacks scribituary farinella scriberia


New York Farinella 2015

It’s scientifically proven that experiencing new environments is good for your brain. Or maybe not, maybe I just made that up. At least I hope it doesn’t do you any harm because after 7 years in London I have decided to relocate to New York for a few months. The choice was mostly dictated by ‘personal’ reasons but of course I’m pretty psyched to be in the homeland of many of my favourite cartoonists! I will try to explore the city (i.e. get lost) and draw as much as possible so hopefully you’ll hear from me soon… in the meanwhile if you have any recommendation for things to do around here give me a shout. Thanks!


While I’m supposed to be working on longer and more important projects (which it’s still too early to share) I cut out some time to make an illustration for ILLUSTRAFUTURS, an interesting competition from the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication (ACCC) which simply asks participants to imagine “How will be cities, society, technology, population or environment in year 2100?”. I really couldn’t pass on the chance to draw some good old science fiction.

My view is kind of pessimistic – considering the current trends in overconsumption and climate change – but I guess people won’t really mind as long as they have access to the internet.

refresh farinella illustrafuturs

Mock Turtle, and more

So, it has been a while since the last post. In the past 3 months I have been working on a project with the great people at Science-Practice, a company which combines science and design in many different ways (I also did some illustrations for them which hopefully you will be able to see at some point but for the moment remain top-secret).

I’m now back to drawing full-time and I have several news for you:

  • My short story Rosetta was published in the new issue of Stripburger, I just received my complimentary copies and I can highly recommend it.
  • If you are around NYC this Friday you can go to the opening of the Comics and Cartoon Art Annual Exhibition, at the Society of Illustrators, where you can see my work humbled by the proximity of some of my very favourite cartoonists!
  • Last but not least, I am very much looking forward to ELCAF this weekend. There I will finally get my hands on the latest issue of Lok zine and the Treviso Comic Book Festival fanzine with tributes to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, for which I made this portrait of the Mock Turtle, a less known but lovely character by Lewis Carroll.

See you around.

mock turtle farinella

“They had not gone far before they saw the Mock Turtle in the distance, sitting sad and lonely on a little ledge of rock, and, as they came nearer, Alice could hear him sighing as if his heart would break.”