Why do we sleep?

Here is my entry for the Flame Challenge 2015, a brilliant initiative from the Alan Ada Center for Communicating Science which challenges scientists to answer a question asked by 11-year-olds (who are also going to be our judges).

This is also my first attempt to produce some kind of animation and – although I always knew it was hard work – I was shocked by the amount of time it went in this short video (my respect to all the animators out there!). In fact I would have never made it without the help of Pamela Parker (undercurrentdesign.com) who provided precious creative input, narration and put the whole thing together in AfterEffects, and the professional sound design of Andrew Jones (acmesoundtracks.com). They are so good, you should hire them! On this one we all worked for free so I really hope you will enjoy it.


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