Fall Events

I have been holed up in NYC for most of the Summer but this Fall I have a new book coming out (The Senses) and I have been invited to some pretty amazing events on the East coast. If you want to talk about science, comics and get your copy of The Senses (or Neurocomic) signed save these dates on your calendar!FallEvents_flat

If you need more details, here are the links to all the events:



Mysteryland Farinella

From the 10th to the 12th of June I’m going to be at the Mysteryland festival to help out with the Flavor Feast organized by Guerrilla Science. I have been following Guerrilla Science since when I was a PhD back in London and I’m very pleased to see them infiltrate the US with their science events for adults. If you are at the festival come and join me for some flavor experiments!

To celebrate the weekend I drew this fantasy landscape with taste buds and carnivorous plants. I have been drawing a lot of these for my next book and I thought they would just look great in a Guerrilla Science-pink.


Sotto il sole giaguaro

Hi all, I hope your 2016 is going well. Mine started under the sun of Mexico, where I’m spending a whole month relaxing, reading and working on my next book about the science of sensory perception. Amongst the things I am reading there is a collection of short stories by Italo Calvino Sotto Il Sole Giaguaro. A friend first recommended it to me because the titular story is settled in Mexico but I then discovered that also the Calvino stories were meant to be part of a book on the 5 senses (unfortunately he died before writing the stories on touch and vision). Galvanised by this coincidence I decided to start the year with a little illustration based on the story about taste. It is about a troubled couple which, while travelling in Mexico, develops a strange obsession about food and its role in ancient Aztec rituals…

Sotto Il Sole Giaguaro Farinella after Calvino

Here is a little excerpt from the original story (sorry English-speaking folks, you can look up the translation if you want: Under the Jaguar Sun):

“Non Mangi?” mi chiese Olivia che sembrava concentrata solo nel gustare il suo piatto ed era invece come al solito atttentissima, mentre io ero rimasto assorto guardandola. Era la sensazione dei suoi denti nella mia carne che stavo immaginando, e sentivo la sua lingua sollevarmi contro la volta del palato, avvolgermi di saliva, poi spingermi sotto la punta dei canini. Ero seduto li davanti a lei ma allo stesso tempo mi pareva che una parte di me, o tutto me stesso, fossi contenuto nella sua bocca, stritolato, dilaniato fibra a fibra. Situazione non completamente passiva in quanto mentre venivo masticato da lei sentivo anche che agivo su di lei, le trasmettevo sensazioni che si propagavano dalle papille della bocca per tutto il corpo, che ogni sua vibrazione ero io a provocarla: era un rapporto reciproco e completo che ci coinvolgeva e travolgeva.




New York Farinella 2015

It’s scientifically proven that experiencing new environments is good for your brain. Or maybe not, maybe I just made that up. At least I hope it doesn’t do you any harm because after 7 years in London I have decided to relocate to New York for a few months. The choice was mostly dictated by ‘personal’ reasons but of course I’m pretty psyched to be in the homeland of many of my favourite cartoonists! I will try to explore the city (i.e. get lost) and draw as much as possible so hopefully you’ll hear from me soon… in the meanwhile if you have any recommendation for things to do around here give me a shout. Thanks!


This blog is going to be on hiatus for a while, as I will be travelling quite a lot around Italy to promote Neurocomic. In case you miss my comics, here is a list of the various places and festivals where you will be able to find them (and me).

The trip to New York is mostly an holiday but if you’re around and want me to sign some books or simply have a chat, why not,  just let me know.

I’m looking forward to meet some new friends as well as to catch up with the old ones.

See you around.

Matteo Farinella Autunno 2014

Meet Dolly

In the weekend I visit the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, where in the pioneers of science room I find myself literally face-to-face with Dolly the sheep. I take a quick portrait while nearby some girls discuss their false beliefs…

Dolly The Sheep
plaster by Peter Summers

Dolly the sheep

(1996 – 2003)

As the first mammal cloned from an adult cell using the process of nuclear transfer, Dolly was an exact genetic replica of her donor mother. Her birth at the Roslin Institute of the university of Edinburgh in 1966 overturned the widely-held belief among developmental biologist that the specialized cells in our bodies are fixed in their roles. Dolly was named after the buxom country and western singer Dolly Parton as she was derived from a mammary gland cell. She was put down at the age of six due to a progressive lung disease, common among sheep.

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton

2 weeks / 4 rooms

Hello, I wish I can justify my long absence from this blog saying that I’ve been ceaselessly drawing neurocomic but the truth is that I’ve been travelling for the past two weeks. However, during the last few days in Edinburgh I found the time to pull out some comic journal. I was there for a scientific workshop and I was staying in the Castle Rock Hostel (probably the best hostel I have ever seen!). Since the accommodation was paid I conceded myself the luxury of a private double room. The room was very nice, however it was clearly designed for a couple and made me feel terribly lonely.

The memory of the days just spent in Venezia and Bologna, surrounded by friends, in more pleasant rooms, was particularly painful… but that’s another story, in part already told by someone else.

Patterns and Loops

I’m staying in Bologna for a few days, in the house where I grew up.

I do my best to avoid nostalgia, but my parents have unintentionally chosen for my bed the same flowery IKEA pattern that adorned a bed I used to know so well, at this same time of the year, just one year ago. This year I long to go back to another bed, just like last year I was longing to go back to hers. People change but the same situations return, and apparently I keep making the same mistakes, year after year…
Life seems to proceed in loops sometime and for a moment, before falling asleep, I find it difficult to distinguish between the present and the past.