Green UCL

UCL asked me once again to draw some illustration for their Sustainability Annual Report. This year they decided to go digital and present their results with an interactive illustration. Check out the final result with all the animated elements (designed by Rory Pickering) or download the PDF version.

I think this hybrid between comics, animations and hypertext has great potential as educational material and I would love to do more along these lines.



Throughout the history of art many remarkable results have been obtained in the desperate attempt of representing a 3-dimensional reality on a 2-dimensional surface. However, recent scientific theories claim that the universe contains many more dimensions, still completely  unexplored… therefore, why constrain ourselves on the 3 spatial dimensions? This comic (elaborating on Scott McCloud‘s  infinite canvas theory) attempts to map a characteristic human experience employing a set of Cartesian axes and large artistic licenses.
The comic was originally printed on a 60x60cm cardboard, during the 3D comics exhibition in Bologna. For better on-line reading I suggest to click on the picture and see it full screen. There is no “right” point where to start: past, regrets and possibilities, all coexist and intermingle in the whole picture.

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