The Return of Radical Science

Quick illustration to celebrate the return to publishing of Science for the People magazine. After the Geoengineering special issue, 30 years after the last issue (Volume 21, Number 2) we are planning to officially re-launch the historic magazine in the Spring of 2019 and we’re looking for submissions!

Send us your proposal by Monday, January 14. We accept proposals for features, opinions, book and media reviews, and artwork. Please keep proposals to 300 words and image uploads to 20 mb total.

Also, I’m acting as art director for the next issue, so if you don’t have a proposal but you are an illustrator interested in doing some pro-bono work on topics of science, engineering or political organising, shoot me an email. For now we are all volunteers working on this on a zero-budget, but the plan is to make this a beautiful sustainable magazine and I’m putting together a roster of potential collaborators.

I hope to hear from you!



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