Humanist Calendar 2015

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: the 2015 Humanist Calendar is out!

Humanist Calendar 2015

I always wanted to make a calendar that was something more than pretty pictures to hang on the wall, something that could actually give a twist to the new year. For 2015, Undercurrent Design and I decided to collaborate on a calendar that celebrates the greatest achievements of human reason and the birthdays of some of our favourite scientists. From Ada Lovelace to Isaac Newton (who was conveniently born on the 25th of December) passing from π day and the discovery of DNA.

Humanist Calendar 2015

My 12 original illustrations were remixed by Undercurrent Design on a two sided poster (195mm x 841mm) that folds down to a booklet, printed in full colour and silver metallic ink. It is the perfect gift for all your enlightened friends and also a little act of charity: in fact we decided to donate our profits to AWIS (Association for Women in Science) because working on this calendar reminded us how painfully underrepresented is half of the human population in the STEM subjects.

You can now buy the calendar from TICTAIL or ETSY. I hope you will join us in making 2015 a special year.



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