Copy #4

The copy of this month is of The Depths Of A Wound, a visionary lithography by Fritz Kahn, from 1943. This one was hard work but after all Kahn is one of my very favourite artists, pioneer of scientific illustrations and infographics. Unfortunately I was not able to find the original legend. However I think I can recognize bacterias sneaking in the broken wound, some lymphocytes coming down to fight them and the platelets try to stop the beading. A real masterpiece!

NOTE: This illustration and many others have been recently collected in a beautiful monograph, edited by Taschen and curated by Uta and Thilo von Debschiz, who have been kind enough to provide some additional info in the comments below. Visit for more details

Kahn Depths Of A Wound Farinella Copy

Black ink, pens and pencil (297 mm x 420mm )

PS: you can see some work in progress in the pictures published by Fumettologica last week.


2 thoughts on “Copy #4

  1. Dear Matteo, we are excited that you created that wonderful piece! This Fritz Kahn image was originally published in “Das Leben des Menschen” (Life of Man), volume II, in 1924. The caption is “Travel experiences of a wandering cell: in the valley of the flesh wound”. The description of the image is only available in German.
    In our book “Fritz Kahn” (Taschen, 2013), we published the original illustration which was created by Arthur Schmitson for Fritz Kahn. Find our more about Fritz Kahn and our book at our project website.

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