pro-choice comic

Here is a short comic about the sneaky strategies used by the anti-abortion movement in the UK. It’s written by a friend, based on the excellent investigation from Education for Choice, already published on the Guardian last Summer.

Please read and share:

pro-choice comic 1

pro-choice comic 2

pro-choice comic 3pro-choice comic 4

pro-choice comic 5

pro-choice comic 6

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6 thoughts on “pro-choice comic

  1. Thanks so much for writing this. It’s so important that people understand the dangers of removing counselling from people who are pro-choice – e.g. those who believe it is genuinely a woman’s right to make the choice of what is best for her – and giving responsibility for it to those who are anti-abortion. Nobody knows better than the woman what is right for her and people who believe they do should not have access to women at such a pivotal and maybe vulnerable time in their lives.

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