Throughout the history of art many remarkable results have been obtained in the desperate attempt of representing a 3-dimensional reality on a 2-dimensional surface. However, recent scientific theories claim that the universe contains many more dimensions, still completely  unexplored… therefore, why constrain ourselves on the 3 spatial dimensions? This comic (elaborating on Scott McCloud‘s  infinite canvas theory) attempts to map a characteristic human experience employing a set of Cartesian axes and large artistic licenses.
The comic was originally printed on a 60x60cm cardboard, during the 3D comics exhibition in Bologna. For better on-line reading I suggest to click on the picture and see it full screen. There is no “right” point where to start: past, regrets and possibilities, all coexist and intermingle in the whole picture.

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2 thoughts on “3D COMIC

  1. Grazie! Questo al momento e` uno dei miei preferiti… sto lavorando ad un altro progetto simile. Pero` il vero genio e` Scott McCloud, Se non lo conosci dai un’occhiata al suo sito, scommetto che ti piacerebbero le sue idee sul fumetto.

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