Not yet (but nearly there)

I’m back in Bologna for two long weeks. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year  (if that is your wish). Personally I’m planning to avoid festivities as far as I can and work full time on my graphic novel. Several things have been slowing me down lately but I feel it’s really time to conclude it. I’ll try to make the most of this forced holiday.

We suffer today I believe from a lack of connection with each other. That is common knowledge, so common in fact, that it may not even be true. It may be that we are overconnected, for all I know. However I am acting on the first assumption, that we are underconnected, and thus have flung you these lines, which you may grasp or let fall as you will. But I feel that if you neglect them, you will suffer for it. That is merely my private opinion. No police power supports it. I have no means of punishing you  for not listening, for having a closed heart. There is no punishment for that, in our society. Not yet.

Donald Barthelme, Snow White


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