about this blog

It was planned purely as an improvisation exercise, to hopefully provide a semi-autobiographical setting in which I could “work out” some of the more embarrassing problems of confidence and emotional truthfulness I was experiencing as a very immature, and not terribly facile, cartoonist.

C.Ware, Chicago, March 2000

Following an increasing number of unexpected reactions from relatives/friends/acquaintances to the content of this blog I would like to clarify some points, that may sound obvious but apparently they are not.

As the rather unoriginal title of this blog suggests this is meant to be a comic journal. Which implies a certain degree of auto-biography, of course, but also a good amount of selection and interpretation of reality. It follows that:

  • what you read here is not my entire life
  • not everything you read here actually happened
  • even if something happened it did not necessarily happen in the way it is represented

If my goal was a realistic and comprehensive public exposure of my everyday life (for whatever reason one should desire such a thing) I would have posted some lo-fi pictures or documentaries (which would probably result incredibly boring). If I go trough the trouble of drawing comics is because they allow me to focus on small details and elaborate upon them; hopefully turning them in to something less “personal” and more “interesting” for the general public (which is why I have decided to post them here in first place). Occasionally they may be powerful, life-changing events, but most likely they are completely irrelevant in themselves and serve as a mere excuse to escape from the dull daily routine. From time to time I may be more or less successful in my effort, you may like my drawings or not, you may think I’m too naive or too cryptic …but please: refrain from any over-interpretation of whatever you read here. I don’t want to hurt anyone, in any way.

Thank you for following me,



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